Natural Ayurvedic cosmetics - what is it and how does it work?

Natural Ayurvedic cosmetics began its history about 5000 years ago in ancient India. The composition does not include synthetic raw materials, glycerin, proteins of animal origin. Vegetable oils are used, only natural components. Coconut oil laureate and soap nuts are the ingredients that make it foam. Soda, sulfates and other similar components are excluded. No artificial flavorings are used in cosmetics - only natural essential oils.

Dabīga ājurvēdas kosmētika

In order to achieve the possibility of storing cosmetic products for a long time, plants with special properties are used. The individual products are only produced in the form of powders. Dilute cosmetics with water before use.

Natural Ayurvedic cosmetics product advantages:

  • Natural composition;
  • Absence of additives of chemical origin;
  • Low probability of allergic reaction;
  • Positive effect on the body;
  • The ability to restore the skin's acid and alkali balance;
  • Natural aroma that provides a relaxing effect.

Recipes are essentially formulas tested over the years. The balanced product composition enhances the effect of each component.

Effects on the body

The properties of medicinal plants improve the user's well-being, slow down the aging process. The essential oils included in the composition of each product have a calming effect on the nervous system, tone the skin, smooth out wrinkles.

Consists of a plant complex

Up to 150 herbs can be used in one product. The methodology used by modern scientists allows the skin-friendly molecules of each component to quickly penetrate the upper layers of the skin. Thanks to this, the noticeable result appears immediately after use. The composition of cosmetics does not include hormones. This eliminates the risk of harmful habituation.

Unique component processing

The collection of components used in cosmetics is carried out in strict compliance with the rules:

  • The time of harvesting is chosen according to the lunar cycles;
  • Plant processing is carried out during the specified hours of the day;

Means for men and women are different. This can be explained by the differences in energy between the sexes.

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