Body scrub - benefits in effect on the skin

Body scrub is a popular cosmetic. One or even several such means are in the arsenal of every girl. Such love for scrubs can be explained by their effective effects. In one use, the skin becomes smooth and silky. On our website you will find cosmetics from the following popular brands - Urban Veda and Ayumi Naturals.

Ķermeņa skrubis

We offer a wide range of face and body skin and hair care products. Our products are created on the basis of purifying Ayurvedic plants, which help with solving a number of problems. Many remedies use powdered peach pits or pumice, ground walnut shells. The mentioned components gently clean the skin without damaging it.

The body scrub contains small abrasive particles of different hardness, but they all differ in one way of action: cleaning the skin. A similar effect is achieved due to the fact that during peeling, the product removes dead skin parts, thus achieving a smooth skin relief. By the way, removing blackheads and fat bumps from the outer layer of the skin immediately makes the epidermis smooth.

The scrub actually activates and accelerates the natural exfoliation processes of the epidermis. The human body reacts to such peeling with the activation of protective properties. To protect the skin, the body synthesizes collagen. In addition, such procedures make the skin not only smooth, but also firm and beautiful.

What is the benefit of a body scrub?

Ecological cosmetics is an effective tool that has a number of good properties. The main thing is not to make base mistakes during peeling. For example, it is necessary to prepare the skin for cleansing by pre-treating it with a shower gel. The product is applied in circular motions, moving from the bottom, from the very toes up, improving blood and lymph circulation. You can use gloves or just your fingertips to apply the scrub.

So, the scrubbing effect is as follows:

  • cleansing effect: solid particles often remove various pollution;
  • nourishing effect: apart from solid particles, nourishing or moisturizing components are included in the composition of cosmetics;
  • toning effect: good microcirculation makes the skin firm, keeps it toned;
  • tightening effect: the scrub acts as a massage, thanks to which a tightening effect is achieved;
  • SPA ritual: sometimes the products contain different essential oils.

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