Massage oil to reduce stress

Relaxation and spending time with yourself are becoming more and more important. Whatever you do to relax, why not discover the benefits of self-massage with a stress-relieving massage oil enriched with soothing essential oils. This could be a way to both learn about yourself and reduce stress.

We recommend Ayumi Massage Oil Tranquility Massage & Bath Oil. Enriched with many essential oils, such as sandalwood, incense, myrrh and lavender, the unique blend soothes the mind, encapsulating the senses.

Sandalwood: This essential oil helps relieve stress and relaxes the mind and body. The luxurious, earthy scent of sandalwood makes it such a beautiful additional oil for massage not only physically on the body, but also mentally, thus providing the body with internal and external benefits. Sandalwood is naturally very healing and anti-inflammatory, so any stress-induced inflammation can be relieved with sandalwood.

Lavender: One of the most popular essential oils for promoting sleep or a peaceful mood, lavender promotes a soothing atmosphere with its fresh and sweet aroma. It is also very effective when used to relieve pain and promote a healthy sleep.

Myrrh: Contains herbal compounds that have been shown to help relieve body pain, myrrh is a key ingredient in relaxing massage oils. Myrrh send signals to the brain that you are no longer in pain, urging you to relax and heal. It can also block the production of inflammatory chemicals in your body that cause swelling and pain.

Incense: This oil is a highly sought after oil due to its revolutionary properties that promote a sense of peace. It helps to deepen the breath, soothes the cough and even has antidepressant properties. If you are looking for relief from anxiety caused by stress, try to request incense-rich oil for the next massage.

For those interested in home massage, our range of massage oils offers the perfect solution. Give it a try Ayumi Tranquility Massage Oilto reduce stress and allow yourself to feel calm and balanced.

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