Advantages of muslin fabrics or napkins

There is a reason why the 5,000-year-old ancient teachings of Ayurveda still exist in today's world: it works! At Urban Veda, we trust the old days and use ancient rituals to promote good health and well-being. Our 100% organic cotton double cleaning muslin cloths are brand new Urban Veda, but the world is quite old. We are definitely learning this long-standing, reliable material, because muslin was first used to make clothes in the 16s. Muslin cloths are also not new to the beauty industry, and before you go out and buy the latest gadget or product that promises to peel off your dead skin, why not go back to your trusty horse in the form of a muslin cloth to do so. 

Here are all the benefits of muslin cloths or napkins:

  • They provide a gentle daily skin peeling. With AM and PM, they will keep your skin radiant and vibrant as all new dead skin cells are gently removed. The texture of the muslin fabric acts as a gentle peeling, however, a particularly soft touch will not burden the skin, so excessive peeling will be nothing. Basically, you get the best of both worlds.
  • They leave the skin especially clean and well-groomed. Muslin cloths get into the foreheads and crevices, which can usually be missed by simply rinsing off a face wash with your hands. Use them with daily face wash and massage in a circular motion on intact and pampered skin.
  • They are winners with sensitive skin. For those with particularly sensitive skin, muslin cloths can be your savior when it comes to peeling. Some scrubs and peels can exacerbate particularly delicate skin, so muslin fabric may be an ideal alternative. Everyone deserves youthful, fresh and radiant skin, so don't let your skin's sensitivity say otherwise.
  • They can be used with any product. The versatility of muslin cloths means you can use them to remove all kinds of cleansers, peels, masks or any other detergent. Remember to take it fresh every other day and just put it in the dirty washing machine. Now you have an excuse to save more, and in doing so you will feel especially sustainable.


Urban Veda Ayurvedic Muslin Napkins.

100% organic cotton. 100% necessity.

With an emphasis on double cleaning, Urban Veda muslin fabrics have 2 different textures for two different purposes. It has a traditional muslin, a finer side and a thicker, uber soft texture on the other side.

Our main tips:

Remove make-up with a thicker texture, because it really grips the product - it literally seems like a soft pillow removes your make-up. Similarly, use this side to remove the peel or delicate scrub, as it adheres to the composition of the cream and removes walnut shell peeling granules without damaging the skin.

Historical story:

Made in India and made from 100% organic cotton, these muslin fabrics are also sustainable. Thanks to the improved cultural and social impact on farmers, as well as the positive environmental impact of 91% less water compared to conventional cotton, this product is really on our planet. Organic cotton is also safer to apply to the skin because no pesticides were used to grow it. The skin is less likely to feel irritated or heavy, instead it will feel harmonized and fresh.

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