Facial care products after 50 years

Facial skin requires special attention and care after the age of 50. During this period, noticeable age changes occur in the body, which lead to the appearance of clearly expressed signs of aging. Therefore, it is recommended to buy in time facial care products with natural nutritious components.

We offer antiaging cosmetics tested by dermatologists in laboratory conditions. Creams, masks and moisturizing tonics, represented in the product catalog of the company Ayura Skin, will help preserve the youth of the body for a long time. You can come to us buy cosmetics for the face at an affordable price.

Usefulness of day and night creams

Home remedies, prepared in an elementary way, will hardly help to overcome excessive dryness of the skin layers. Therefore, cosmetologists recommend using nourishing and moisturizing creams that penetrate deep into the epidermis and make the skin elastic.

Sejas kopšanas līdzekļi pēc 50 gadiem

Provides a more effective result natural cosmetics for the face with the enriched vitamin composition. To overcome wrinkles and other signs of aging, it is recommended to use creams that contain a large amount of:

  • vegetable oils and extracts;
  • organic acids;
  • vitamins (A, E, retinol);
  • hyaluronic acid;
  • peptides etc.

After 50 years, cosmetics containing turmeric, sandalwood, jojoba, tea tree extract, ylang ylang and bergamot should be applied to the facial skin. For wrinkled skin, mixtures with retinol are useful. These components create a lifting effect on the epidermis and stimulate the production of collagen. You can buy the best antiaging creams in our company Ayura Skin.

Scrubs and masks against age changes

At the age of half a century, the regeneration of skin layers decreases significantly, that is, skin cells regenerate slowly. But scrubs will help speed up this process, because the small abrasives in their composition will help to quickly remove the horny layer of the dermis.

After cleaning with a scrub, the skin becomes soft and supple. It is also recommended to choose scrubs with natural ingredients.

Unlike creams, moisturizing masks are not intended for daily use. But their effect remains for a long time. After applying a mask with natural oil, clay or plant components, the skin of the face is visibly renewed.

The sun's rays also accelerate the aging process of the epidermis, so SPF products should be used in the summer season.

It is also recommended to regularly use lotions, tonics and milk for cleaning the layers of the skin. They are able to nourish the skin, restore it, and help remove makeup quickly.

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